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MVS03 Spy Clock Radio

NEW MVS03 Spy Clock Radio

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Want to know what's going on when you're out of the house? 

Now you can catch a thief in the act with this hidden camera! You already know whats going on you just need proof! Or use as a spy camera to watch over a loved one in a nursing home. Record in Super Clear HD 1920x1080 or regular HD 1280x720 or 640x480 resolutions. Use constant record or motion activated. Use 30 frames per second or 10 fps for less memory use. On screen FF, RR, pause, delete.It has a large 5 inch LCD Screen


For Video Playback without a computer. Infrared vision in total darkness out to 15 feet using its 18 automatic IR LEDs that are invisible to the human eye. Clock is full size (7"X3"X3").  Not a mini clock.  Like the MVS02 model before it this unit is totally covert. The screen can be turned off while recording and the unit appears to be off yet it continues recording. Once the unit is set up start and stop recording with a single button. It has no outside brand markings or indicators that can be searched to show its SPYCAM ability. This makes it ideal where stealth is key. 


Because the SD card is totally hidden behind the batteries (included), it won't ever need to be explained. Unless they know which buttons to press, they can't access the covert part! Any files it takes covertly will remain totally hidden!


  • LCD To View Recorded Video
  • No Need To Remove Memory Card or have a personal computer
  • Electrical Power Adapter (110V-240V works world wide)
  • Limitless 24/7/365 Recording
  • Batteries Included For Portability
  • HD recording is crystal clear even in low light
  • Package Includes - Spy Clock (White Color) - Battery Charger - (2) 18650 size Batteries - 5 foot USB/power Cable
  • Supports up to 32 GB micro sd card. NO MICRO SD CARD INCLUDED 



Night Vision940nm invisible infrared LEDs (18) for night vision
Playbackmp3 - mp4 - FM Radio
LCD Screen4.3 inch - 16:9 - 480x272
Video SizeMOV, 1920x1080P video resolution
Operation ModeDay - Night
MemoryMicro SD Card (8MB ~32GB) - Not Included
SD Card cycleOn - Off
Power Supply18650 Li-on battery: 1500mAH x 2, lasts 6-8 hours - Camera can work when it is recharging.

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