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Spy Cameras

Hidden cameras can be found in clocks, radios, PIR's smoke detectors and all manner of seemingly innocuous everyday objects. In this section we have put together an array a covert cameras to suit all tastes and circumstances. Some of these systems require several constituent parts whereas others are self-contained hidden camera and recording systems that are both powerful and easy to use. This type of spy equipment is becoming ever more sophisticated, so they are predicted to become smaller and ever more powerful over next few years


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PB100 Power Bank 5000maH 1080p Hidden Camera

Be a Fly on the Wall with a 1080P Power Bank Hidden Camera This power bank spy camera w..

£38.90 £34.90

IPC100 Spy Clock IP Camera

Hidden IP Clock Camera as a fully functional alarm clock with built-in hidden camera with night visi..


MVS02 Spy Clock Radio

Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock w/Motion Detection Small Device Gets the Big Picture..


MVS03 Spy Clock Radio

Want to know what's going on when you're out of the house? Now you can catch a thie..


Notebook HD Hidden Camera w/ Night Vision & 2 Year Battery

Record stunning video at night up to 15 feet away for up to 2 years on stand-by power. This portable..


SD100 HD Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Be a Fly on the Wall with an HD Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Hidden cameras are great t..


SD200 WiFi HD Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Be a Fly on the Wall with a WiFi HD Smoke Detector Hidden Camera WiFi HD 1080p IP ..


The Mini CUBE IP Camera

A Mini Cube Camera with WIFI and night vision function. Fashionable and popular wi..


USB Charger WiFi Hidden HD 1080P Pinhole Spy Camera

Monitor your home from anywhere in the world!! This standard USB type charger product c..

£58.90 £56.90